Where are the electrons?

Transistors are the most abundant human-made elements in the world. Each of us has everyday 1010 transistors in our hands when using mobile phones and laptops. Electrons are the fundamental particles that make such transistors work.

According to our intuition, we all tend to accept that there are electrons inside such devices. However, the most common explanation of quantum phenomena defends that electrons are not there. In fact, it says that electrons are nowhere in physical space unless electron positions are explicitly measured.

Despite we are fascinated by the mystery of uncomprehensibility of the standard/orthodox explanation, there are other (less uncomprehensible and empirically equivalent) explanations that defend that there are electrons inside mobile phones and laptops, as our intuition anticipated.

The paper

We have written a paper revolving around the Schrödinger's cat and the measurement problem in a language familiar to engineers dealing with modern transistors, and the electrons there.

Other opinions

You can find other opinions in favor and against the arguments presented in the paper.

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